DYI vs Tax Preparer

Should you do your taxes on your own or hire a specialist?


For tax preparation should one do it themselves or hire a professional? Everyone is different and there is no ‘correct’ answer to this question as what works for one might not work for others but there are some questions that need to be answered to decide which to choose. First of all, one must analyze hot complicated is the financial situation. The tax system is very complicated and it often overwhelming for people to be able to do it all alone. If it involves an own business, a lot of investments, freelance work transactions and alimony issues, it might be wise to hire an accountant. But if there are no above-mentioned issues, it should be done without one.

The next question is how much one’s financial situation has changed in the last years. If there have been huge changes. For example, if you get married, have children, buy a new house, there are chances that the financial situation is much more complicated than it used to be. In this situation, it will better to get a tax preparer for doing the work. But if the financial situation has not changed so drastically in the past year and if it quite similar to what it had been, there is no need for a las vegas tax specialist.

Then comes how much money are you willing to spend on this. If you are the owner of a big multinational then it is feasible to get a person to do the job but a middle-class service holder might not be able to do it. Then comes the time constraint. Let’s get back to the same example. The director of an MNC will not have the time to do such a time-consuming task while a service holder might. It is not very difficult to do it on your own though. There are many websites that are providing free and low-cost tax preparation services. You have to go there and put in the numbers and the website will do your job. But there is a margin of error depending on the software that is being used. So if you are doing in by yourself, it is better to check it manually before finalizing it. There is another huge benefit for not hiring another person. You don’t have to share your personal information and data with someone you don’t know. This is a privacy concern and finding a tax professional you know or trust might be rare.

One must also now have the proper knowledge to do what a hired person might do. There are fewer chances of mistakes with a professional. In the end, whether you hire a professional or you do it yourself, it depends on how organized you are and how comfortable you are doing it on your own. If one is certain that he understands the tax codes, then doing it by themselves will save them a modest amount of money. But if not, the money must be spent. It’s all about weighing the value of their time and money ultimately.